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Well, I sure picked an old one this time, didn’t I?

I started playing Suikoden 2 one after seeing all the love it gets from the rather small number of people who have played it. Apparently it didn’t do so well (which happens if you’re an RPG and come out on the same day as Final Fantasy 8) and has never seen a re-release at all, so getting it isn’t easy.

Chances are, you’re going to be a bit sad about this one because you can’t afford it.

No, really, it’s $250. For a cheap used copy. If you’re lucky. But if you’re resourceful like me, you can, uh… obtain… a copy… through um…..
Let’s just say I’m not playing it on a Playstation.

Let’s also just say I wish I had bought this and not FF8. Don’t get me wrong, FF8 isn’t bad and its music still gives me warm nostalgia waves down my back, but… this is by far the more playable game with the more awesome storyline and combat and sprite animations and over 100 recruitable characters and… damn, it’s just GOOD.

I’m about 13 hours in and hooked. Also, this game has a flying squirrel as a playable character. A FLYING SQUIRREL. How awesome is that? Not many games have flying squirrels in them, though I hope to change that some day. (props to Nintendo for having flying squirrel suits in both Pilotwings on 3DS and the previews for New Super Mario Bros U. I knew I picked a good company to be a fan of.) There’s five of them, actually, (the other 4 are bonus characters who don’t really have any backstory unlike the main 100+) and you can have a team of up to 5 party members with your main character. Anyone who knows me knows what my party is going to look like once I manage to find them. 😉

But yes, Suikoden 2, awesome RPG on the PS1. You can’t afford it but if you ask the internet they might have a solution for that.




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