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My very first GIP! This is technically a re-post from my art site journals, but it’ll be nice to archive it here.
Today, I’ll start off with a few semi-oldies, but all goodies… pre-warning: if you don’t have Nintendo’s latest systems you will be disappointed.Xenoblade Chromicles: This is a Wii game that is unlike any other Wii game. Amazing graphics, ballgasmic sense of scale and exploration, and a story and world that grab you by the tail and defenestrate you from the 18th floor window with awesomeness, all wrapped up in gameplay that’s some of the best I’ve seen in a JRPG. I was dropping cash I practically didn’t have in order to get this game the day it came out but I’m so glad I did. You may learn eventually that I know a good number of Wii games that I would rate even above 360, PS3 and PC games. Xenoblade Chronicles might just about top that list.

Resident Evil: Revelations: I like this a lot more than the last Resident Evil on console. It’s no Resident Evil 4, but that game had a special something I don’t think Capcom will ever manage to tap into so perfectly ever again. But the mechanics are great. You might want that GIANT ADD-ON BLOCK OF DEATH for your 3DS if you pick this up, but if you’re like me and got used to PSP shooters after a few hours, you can easily manage to kick ass by aiming with the right-side buttons. My main complaint is that I can’t change aiming to the left stick, because I think moving around using ABXY would make a lot more sense. 😐
It’s kind of a horror game half the time, complete with crazy zombie girlfriends who won’t leave you alone and zombie dolphins that fuck you to death. (at least, I assume that’s what happens when my character falls into the waist-deep water under the creepy dolphin thing and splashes around for a bit) The other half of the time it’s a crazy action game, which the classic RE “tank” style movement won’t make any easier for you. Both are pretty solid and keep the other section from getting boring as things switch around. The story is actually pretty interesting so far, too. Solid game if you’re into horror, or you’re like me and you get a real laugh out of “tense” moments in these sorts of games. 🙂 There’s a multiplayer mode after you beat it, I think, but from what I’ve played I’d say it’s more of a rent than a buy.

Kid Icarus: Uprising: Gonna say this right now, this game is almost worth getting a 3DS for. The dialogue is awesome, the story has some great twists so far and not only plays with your expectations, but sometimes almost TROLLS you, and the game is as hard as balls as you want it to be. You can “bet” hearts (the in-game money, which looks like heart containers… if only Link here around for this one!) to increase the difficulty or lower it, below a certain point, and you get more rewards and better stuff in general for pitting yourself against a bigger challenge. It’s kind of a mix between on-rails sections that play a bit like Starfox on steroids, and directed on-foot sections which play very similar, but have almost more of a third-person shooter aspect to them. (Gears of Sonic the Shoothog!)
This on-foot thing is taken to a whole new level in online, where you can play the awesome Light Vs Dark mode. Both teams have a life bar, which goes down when someone dies (how much it goes down is based on how good their gear is. So unlike Call of Booty, when you get better stuff, you potentially cost your team big-time for using it) and the person whose death brings it to 0 becomes that team’s overpowered Angel. The first team to lose their angel loses the match. The rules are all simple but the moment to moment gameplay is tons of fun. Really, it’s one of the best online multiplayer modes I’ve played, because not only is it tons of fun but there’s no forced progression or leaderboards to worry about. You just have fun and enjoy getting weapons and hearts to use in single player or multiplayer.

So, yes. Three awesome games. Definitely worth getting if you have the right systems.


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