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Sorry about the late writeup. I just started my new truck unloading/stocking job a week or so ago because I was getting tired of eating out of other people’s garbage to survive, so I don’t have the time or energy I usually do to get things done, sadly. 😦

But! I can still show some thingies and talk about stuffs. That’s always exciting!

-I’ve been playing around a bit more with the logo, now that I have more of an idea of what I want to do overall. It’s not often I have to design these, so I want to mess with different ideas until I get something I’d like to stick with. For now this is my favorite version.

Ouya console. Just got announced today with their Kickstarter, and I’m impressed. I’m “If I had $700 I’d be throwing it at my monitor” impressed, even! Maybe it’s a bit too early to be 100% sure or maybe it doesn’t have everything I need, but I’m definitely already making plans to port to Ouya. One feature that really excites me, something I can’t really do on the smartphone version, is multiplayer. This could mean simultaneous multiplayer for 2-4 players for the Ouya and PC versions. Something else I really like is how they will have free demos for every game on the system, so you can always play something for free before you have to decide to drop money on it. That is excellent, and definitely something I’m behind.


-Another of my level concepts, playing with visual design and colors. I like the idea of making the enemies in this level all generally glowing blue/red. It gives a very bright and defined set of obstacles, and the color coding also helps you easily see where something is trying to kill you. 🙂


So not a lot of progress this week, but there’s some cool stuff anyway. I’m still looking for a music program, but this week I’ve been less active in that area. I’m still waiting on access to GM Studio so I can continue working on the game proper. Soon… soon.



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