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Call it work, call it the eight or so music programs I’ve installed on my computer just trying to find one that works and does what I need, call it the rampant crashing, call it finishing art for my friend’s RPG finally, call it Guild Wars 2 beta, call it laziness or whatever you will. Monday is a terrible day, anyway. Just ask Garfield.

But I think the last few weeks have been pretty sparse on the details. Not a lot to show, not a lot to say… It’s nice to have updates out every week but lately I haven’t made much progress and I realized since I have a job and a life (wait… actually, I don’t), there won’t always be anything to update every week.

So, for now, I think the best option is just to update Whenever I Feel Like It. Which should be less often than weekly, but more often than monthly.

Anyway, on to actual game stuff news:

Samplitude is dead. It started acting up and I realized that while pirates are cool, I’m not cut out for the gig. Sorry, but I’m not paying $1000 to make some music. Especially with the program crashing like it does. (which may have more to do with running Windows 8 CP and not having a sound card OR any clue what I’m doing than the program itself being bad, but still…) I chose to give LMMS a second shot, and it’s actually performing fairly well this time around. It’s going to be an interesting experiment to see how well I can make music of my own. My plans for the sound design are the same as ever – a retro/techno mix. So very synthetic sound, upbeat and maybe a bit quirky, with plenty of bleep and buzz. This is something I’ll have to play around with when I actually get to implementing sound and music into the game. Making sound effects is… also interesting. So far I’ve been sticking to the retro side on sound effects, but I might see what else I can do to give the game more of its own unique style.

There’s this video about juice I was linked to on the You Tube. It’s about something I’ve noticed in a lot of amateur indie games, and something I often forget is fairly important to have in a game. You can’t replace fun with juice, but that doesn’t stop a lot of games from going there. Definitely a good video to watch even if you’re not a developer. Juice is a sort of abstraction but it’s what separates Lumines from the original Tetris. By adding in that factor and really pumping the game full of it, you go from something mechanically fun to a true experience, even if you change nothing about how it plays. It’s also something my game needs a good dose of. It’s still very early and I’m just one person, but I won’t let that get in the way of making this the best game it can be.

I’ve posted this now. It’s up to you to not let me get away with a juiceless game.

So next update comes When I Feel Like It. Not Monday, that’s for sure. I’ll probably have a lot more to show and say, though.


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