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Who is Bitcoon?

That’s me, Bit, in 8-bit form on the header at the top of the page. I’m a physical manifestation of a virtual presence. I’m made of imagination juice, electricity and tons of junk food.

Who is actually behind all this?

Oh, that would be Max. He’s a gamer and an artist. His main areas of interest are character design, fantasy and sci-fi worlds. He has skills in all kinds of digital art, a variety of styles (most of them cute; he has an affinity for the cute), 3D modeling, animation, some programming/coding skill, and bits of sound and music design.

Jack of all trades, but master of none, he’s always working to improve his skills in different areas. He just-so-happens to have enough of a variety of skills and knowledge to be a competent game designer.

This doesn’t seem very professional…

I am very passionate about games. Games have shaped who I am today, they have been with me all through my life and they continue to fascinate me and open my mind to new and incredible things. Most of all, games are FUN. I want to make games for people that inspire others the way they have inspired me. I want to give other hardcore gamers a challenge, while giving more casual players a way to smooth out those difficulty peaks. I’m in it because it makes me happy and I can spread my love of games to others.

What kind of games are you making?

My goal is to make games for gamers. Games that are reminiscent of the days before you had to have blood spilling out of every fully-rendered pore on a character’s face and before you had to lead the player on a movie-like trip through a better-than-real-looking world just to keep their attention. Games which focus on great gameplay and being fun, not realistic visuals and online multiplayer progression mechanics. Games which are challenging, but never force you into that challenge until it stops being fun.

I may have just described most indie games in a short paragraph. But yes… I want to focus on mechanics and design above all else, to take on oldschool game ideas with modern sensibilities and introduce my own fresh viewpoint to the equation.

When did you start making games?

Long ago, in an ancient land,

right around January 2011.

What can I expect to see on this blog?

Well, it IS a developer blog, so there are some things you’d expect to see, but I also like to post occasionally about games I’m playing at the time. Usually older stuff or ones you might have missed in all the fuss surrounding the latest COD fish or whatever the kids are playing these days.

So, expect to see:

  • Updates on development of games
  • Previews, beta builds and demos.
  • Pseudo-reviews of games that pique my attention
  • Technical details or systems breakdowns
  • Gaming-related topics of sorts

Don’t expect to see:

  • Spoilers
  • Casual games (casual-friendly I can deal with, but for those who want it, I will always make sure to include plenty of challenge)
  • Watered down mobile games and cash-grab schemes in any of my games

Contact Details?

Send all death threats and/or treasure chests full of pirate gold to:

Max Baily

You can write words, then leave them here! I like to read your words.

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