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All permissions requested for PuzzleByte app on Google Play are purely for the sake of the game’s functionality. The app never views or records private data. It is only capable of accessing saved data it has created. Phone and call information access is used by the Unity engine to determine background application actions, and network connection permissions enable features such as Google Play integration.

Frankly, you can chalk it up to my own personal inexperience in working with Android applications through Unity. It is possible to disable these permissions with Unity Android apps, but by default they are enabled and removing them is no simple task. It’s just a bit beyond me.

The only information collected by the app is through Unity Analytics, which tracks the number of players, play sessions, and in-app purchases. No identifying information is collected, and individual user stats cannot be viewed. Currently this information is not used for any purpose, or shared with any outside companies or partners.

This privacy policy will be updated in the event of any changes to the above information.

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