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I think more than anything, I’ve learned that I really suck at staying open and transparent about my work with games.

Maybe it’s because I know it isn’t that good. It’s true, I’m still just getting started, I’m still learning the ropes, I still have a long way to go. It’s exciting but it’s also frightening, as the more I learn, the more I look back on what I’ve done so far and cringe.

I had no idea how small a “small” game needed to be. Rarely does a day go by that I don’t still think in the back of my head, maybe I STILL don’t have any idea.

I have so many conflicting ideas and goals that it gets very difficult just trying to do this all myself. I find that I jump into a project really enjoying one aspect but then realize that it’s not really going anywhere I care to take the time to take it. What do you DO when you know your results just don’t match up to your hopes and expectations? That the trajectory your project on is going to hit square in the “way too mediocre” bullseye if you keep going forward on it?

I started in Game Maker, and I’m still using it… but now that I’ve gotten to really learn what Unity can do, and experienced plenty of it in another project, I look back at the limitations of GM and wonder how I ever thought it could put out something at the level of quality I wanted. Some people can wrangle that beast, through whatever trickery they use, but I fear it’s beyond me, to make my GM projects into something that I really want to label me.

So, what’s to become of all my work? Trust me, I have plenty up my sleeves. I’ve been neglecting a lot of my own personal art time to really crack down on something new. I’m not going to make promises because I’ve proven thus far that breaking them is something I’m very good at when it comes to these flimsy projects of mine. But this one… it’s solid. It’s well on its way to completion. It’s something I think I very much would like to label myself with. It’s a gem which I think is likely I’ll see to completion and commercial release in moderately short order, but it needs more time in the oven before I can really┬áput it out there for everyone.

I must thank everyone who’s stuck around so long. It really means a lot to me that there’s even one person out there reading my ramblings and excited for what I put out. I think by now you’ve learned not to get too hyped up, though! I’ll have something cool out there eventually, but time isn’t ticking by too fast to let it bake until it’s really ready.


For now I have nothing to share, but I do have an imminent, approaching need to gather a small group of testers. I’ll be putting up a message here first, and later in other places, to gather a small group of Android tablet and phone users. I’ll be needing to gather some data on how new players catch on to the mechanics and how capable they are of overcoming certain challenges early on. Progression is going to take a fair bit of fine-tuning and I want to make sure I have it locked down before release. I would be looking for testers right now, but I need to program in a few more menus and a few other bits before it’s ready for play-testing. Preliminary and alpha play-testing went quite well, though, and I’m excited to hear from players once they get to experience it in a closer to complete form.


In other news, no more sketches for signing off! I enjoyed using them, but to be totally honest, half the reason I’ve waited so long to make a post on here so often is because I was too lazy to sketch up a new one. ­čśŤ

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