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My first game, which I worked on for just over a year, is called The Outer World. Unfortunately in that time I was only able to build up the foundation for the game and a decent number of assets as well as fleshing out the whole game’s progression and story, mechanics and more. I didn’t get far before realizing that the visual quality bar I was setting would take too much time and effort for a single-person team to reasonably take on.

But the idea of this game lives on:

The Outer World is (to be) a classic Metroidvania style game. Inspired by my love and adoration of the 2D Metroid games and Cave Story, it encourages exploration and rewards challenging combat and precise platforming with extra powerups and unlockable bonus content. True to Metroidvania style, replay isn’t just encouraged, it’s its own game within the game. Sequence breaks and super-secrets, speedruns and completionist challenges on top of varying difficulty modes and special challenge modes promise to keep the game interesting for a long time. With The Outer World, I want to get at the very heart of what makes these games special, to offer a game world full of surprises and secrets, wrapped up in a game whose exterior hides even more.

The story is solid, the kind that really pulls you in and sets off a chain of events and you just can’t put it down. It’s something deep that you can dig into and keep finding out more and more, but where excess narrative isn’t forced. The mystery about what the Outer World is and the events that took place there is really something.

Sadly, after a lot of pixel pushing and effort I realized I was putting myself all-in on something much too big for me to handle. Lesson learned. I plan on coming back to this game at some point but it will be in a new engine, on new platforms, started back from the ground up. This is a game that deserves a solid team, and I’d like to wait until I have the tools, resources and experience to make this game the best it can be.

Of course, I wasn’t just fooling around all that time. (I did other stuff, too.) I got a nearly fully-featured engine in Game Maker for it all. And since it’s getting scrapped, I put together a level to send out as a “demo” of sorts. This demo doesn’t really reflect the structure of the game, but it does let you play with the basic movement mechanics and get a feel for the gunplay and everything. You even get Two (2) (!!) whole weapons to play with.

You can download it and give it a play here:


Just unzip the file, click the EXE and enjoy. You can check out some concept arts and random terrible drawings I did in there, as well.


  1. Interesting build, Bitcoon. how long exactly have you worked on this demo? also when you say that you’re going to build the game ground up, are you planning to use a different game development program or…?

    • Hmm.. it’s hard to say quite how long I worked on it but I’m sure I put a few hundred hours in, at least. A large chunk of that simply being put into the sprites, mostly for Dak himself. I realized it was taking me a long time just to work out visual assets, that the quality bar was set too high for a one-man project and beyond that I wasn’t all too happy with how things were coming out anyway.
      For now, I’ve canned the project as it is, but I definitely want to come back to it later. As for what I’d use to make it, I’m not sure, but Unity might be a good place to start. ^^

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